Friday, January 2, 2015



I want to apologize for constantly pushing release dates. I won't make excuses, but blame my body. It rebelled against me in the last year and THANKFULLY I'm finally getting back on track. That being said, things WILL definitely be releasing this year. So many of you are waiting for Hot and Heavy, Having Hope, and Wicked Hope. Just know they ARE COMING! YAY! Finally! :)

BUT... before I release those, I have something else to hold y'all over. Everyone meet Dr. Roman Blake! He's coming JANUARY 27th. Get excited!

I went to his office expecting to change myself. I wanted to be someone else—look like the girls my husband was spending his nights with, but I got a different kind of procedure… one that left me wanting things I shouldn’t and seeing myself in a new light. Now everything I thought I wanted doesn’t matter anymore, and Dr. Roman is all I can think about.

As a professional, I should know my limits, but Samantha Aldridge pushes me in a way I’ve never known. The need to be near her is strong, the desire to touch her inflames me, but the respect that lies within continuously wins. She came into my office wanting me to change her, but instead she changed me.

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