Thursday, March 13, 2014

The Wrath of Sin on March 25th!

The Wrath of Sin is coming on MARCH 25TH! And this time it's coming as a full length novel. One thing I've learned... I'm not a series girl. Full length novels for me please. *This is an ADULT novel. In other words, if you have issues with dirty girl rough sex, please do NOT read this novel. :) *

The Wrath of Sin

Wrath is everywhere, even in the deepest recesses of the innocent. It alters the souls of the desperate and depressed. Changing you, consuming you until all that's left is the sick desire to destroy everything in your path.

I'm not a murderer, but hate will make you do crazy things. I hate the man who stole my life from me, and it's only fair that I steal something precious from him. But revenge is bittersweet when passion overpowers your reason, and what's precious to him has become the voice of reason for me. Pushing me to feel human again, she threatens to change everything.

She calls me Sin, and she's about to feel my WRATH.

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