Saturday, June 15, 2013

Cover Reveal for Wicked Hope

There isn’t anything that Mage McPherson wouldn’t do for Adam, including steal someone’s spirit. After He's tragically lost to her, Mage discovers a spell that can bring him back. But things can never be that simple and she learns the hard way that there are always consequences when it comes to magic. Adam isn’t quite the Adam she remembers and now whatever he feels, she feels.

Adam Westcott knows three things. One, he loves Mage. Two, thanks to her wonder spell they are now somehow physically connected. And three, there’s a part of him, right next to the heart that beats for her, that wants to kill her. The only option is to run, but it’s impossible to run away from yourself. The inner struggle within him makes for a hard fight when yet another dark magic comes to call.

Sometimes it’s not evil that you must defeat…sometimes it’s love, and when the line between love and hate is at its thinnest, there’s no telling what can happen. But Mage won’t lose hope, even if destiny is being a witch.


  1. Hi :) Tabatha and im twelve and i love the wicked trilogy and i was wondering is the Wicked Hope on The Kindle? because i found your first book and thats how i became in love with wicked Fate on the kindle but i just wanted to know if wicked Hope is on it to know :) if you could wright me back that would be great :) thanks...

    sincerely your twelve year old fan!

  2. Sorry, but Wicked Hope has not been release yet. It will be out in either November or December of this year. Once it is released, it will be available in print through Amazon and on e-book format through Kindle, Nook, Kobo, Sony, iBooks, and most other e-book retail. Thank you for being a fan :)