Sunday, November 11, 2012

Thank You!

So tomorrow is the first day of the Wicked Fate Blog Tour, and it all just seems surreal to me. To think that the entire idea behind this book started in 1996, and now here it is, sixteen years later, and I'm releasing the book in two weeks. It's scary and exciting, but worth every minute.

You see, I've been asked during a few of my interviews why I write, or is there anything I'd like to say to my readers. The answer to these questions will always be the same. I write, not only because I love it, but because there was once a time in my life when writing helped me make it through what wasn't a very great childhood.

There were times when I would lock myself in my room and block out whatever bad things were going on in the rest of my house. I would open my notebook, which I still own by-the-way, and I would lose myself in a short story or a poem...anything that would take me away. So the stories that I write for you are more than just stories, they are the rescue of a young teenage alternate world. The books that I'm going to release over the next few years were my way of stepping out of my life and taking a walk in someone else's shoes. Whether that someone had it better than me, or worse than me, in so many ways leaving my world for their alternate world saved my life.

Because of how much my writing means to me, I wanted to take some time before this tour kicks off or before my book goes on sale, to say THANK YOU to everyone who has taken time out of their life to help me in any way, shape, or form. Whether is was just to repost my page on Facebook, or jumping on board the can't know how much your help means to me. I've said it to each of you over and over again because I can't seem to stress it enough. The amount of love and support I've gotten from people that I've never met in person baffles me and I love each and every one of you for it. <3

Thanks so much guys! Wish me luck! :)

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